How Five Special Foods Can Prevent Dark Circles

Cucumber to help treat dark circles

Unavoidably, we cannot prevent fading of skin at any cost, especially when it comes to under eye skin. Skin under or around eyes seems to be the most delicate part of the body. There may be many factors that may affect the aging of the skin including caffeine, lack of sleep, alcohol, and deficiency of water. Sometimes, dark circles or under eye bags are too much stubborn that cannot be easily decreased, or eliminated.

There is a way out, which is having foods that have richness of vitamins and minerals to lessen under eye bags. Add these foods to your diet along with an eye cream and see visible results. 


Renowned as the king of summers, Watermelon is full of 92% water, having an ability to stabilize the water in the body and provide fiber, lycopene, beta carotene, vitamin B1 & B6, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, and much more. It will aid your eye health, saying goodbye to dark circles very soon.


Being a classic beauty food, it is also packed with high-water amount. With it, your skin will become hydrated and can combat against eye circles. At the same time, it can supply Sulphur, silica, and Vitamins like A, C, E, and K to improve the strength of the skin, boost collagen, maintain elasticity, and abolish dark circles.


Sources of antioxidants, tomatoes can defend your soft blood vessels under the eyes with the betterment of the blood circulation. Elements like beta carotene, lycopene, quercetin, lutein, and vitamin C are present in it, which gives an aid to skin regimen healthily.

Black Currant

Another fruit that you can have is Black Currant, which is also enriched with some essential components like vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, etc.




Tagged as a magic food because of higher amount of vitamin E, it can reduce the formation of eye bags.



In addition to these superfoods, a good eye cream can lift years of aging in just about 3 weeks. Everything Eye Cream targets multiple signs of aging. A soothing and nourshing eye cream with 21 active naturals helps combat the appearance of dark circles and help your tired eyes feel not so tired.


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