5 Reasons Your Lashes Aren’t Growing And How To Boost Lashes

5 Reasons Your Lashes Aren’t Growing And How To Boost Lashes

Your lashes aren’t growing and you don’t know why, or what to do to fix it - you need eyelash growth help! When you need to boost lash growth, lash growth products are available to help you grow long luscious lashes, but before we look at the best product for lash growth, let’s look at 5 reasons your lashes aren’t growing.

You’re leaving makeup on

You know what happens when you leave makeup on your face for too long - your pores become blocked and your skin doesn’t feel quite right. You’re actually preventing the natural renewal process of your skin, and the delicate skin around your eyelashes is particularly susceptible to damage of this kind.

Make sure you remove your makeup as soon as you can.

You may have an infection in your eyelid

It’s easy to get an infection in your eyelid. It can be caused by makeup blocking pores (as above), by rubbing your eyes, or a particle blowing into your eye. Infections will often cause inflammation which will interfere with the growth of your eyelashes.

If your infection doesn’t clear up after a few days, make sure to visit a doctor to avoid possible permanent damage to your eyelid or your vision.

You’re lacking nutrients

Growth of any kind requires the correct nutrients to be present in the body, and eyelash growth is no different. You need vitamins and other essential substances to promote healthy growth in your eyelashes.

Making sure your diet is in order is a great start, but using lash growth products to directly boost lash growth will deliver nutrients to the precise area in which they are needed.

Your falsies are damaging your lashes.

False lashes and lash extensions can damage your natural lashes by pulling them out. The glue used to attach these false lashes can cause physical damage to your lashes, and removing the false lashes can completely pull out lashes too.

While it may only be one here and there, this will reduce the fullness of your lashes and potentially prevent them growing properly in the longer term.

Mascara is too heavy

Just as pulling out false lashes adhered with glue can cause your real lashes to be removed, heavy mascara can have a similar effect. The constant weight of the mascara pulls against the root of the lash, eventually resulting in poor growth or the lash falling out.

You may not think mascara is heavy, but when it is being supported by a fragile eyelash, even the weight of a small amount of mascara may be significant.

Give your eyelashes a boost

Great lash boost results can be achieved with a natural eyelash booster that contains vitamins and nutrients to protect your eyelashes while providing the ideal circumstances for them to grow. The inclusion of peptides and antioxidants will keep your lashes healthy, and serums like Lash Lash can boost hydration to give your lashes the best chance of improving.

Choosing self care with the best product for eyelash growth will provide fantastic lash boost results, and you’ll never have looked better.


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